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The World's First Enterprise Omnichannel Commerce Platform

Workarea Commerce Platform is the first open source commerce platform that: is proven to scale to massive volumes, serves as a true omnichannel system (serving brick and mortar and ecommerce sales), combines unified content management, search and insights platform, and is built for the modern cloud.

Cloud Expansion Pack

Workarea Commerce Cloud includes premium capabilities on top of the Workarea Commerce Platform open source core, with feature upgrades delivered quarterly.

Unlimited Multi-Site &
Multi-Brand Management 
Manage multiple experiences efficiently through one admin

Additional Selling Models 
Omnichannel Retail
B2B Commerce

Enterprise Integration Layer
Advanced integration tools including webhooks and data file scheduling 
Order Management &
Advanced Customer Service
Workflows for order management and service including returns and exchanges 

Move faster with Workarea Commerce Cloud

Our team can work with you to determine if the Workarea Commerce Cloud expansion pack is right for your commerce needs. 

We've got you covered.

With Workarea Commerce Cloud, you can expect industry leading scalability, performance, security and compliance.

Monitoring & Support

Our teams are on-call 24/7 to address anything that may come up before your customers even notice. Developers have access to all the tools that we use to make sure things are running smoothly.

 Resilient, Horizontal Scaling

Workarea sites are hosted in at least three different availability zones and automatically scale up to handle an avalanche of traffic.

High Availability

Your uptime is guaranteed. Issues are rare, but when they happen, we’re extremely motivated to get things back on track.

On-demand Infrastructure

Each client is hosted individually. There’s no shared infrastructure. The platform’s auto-scaling ensures that there’s always more than enough capacity to keep things running smoothly.

CDN with Dynamic Caching

CDN, check. Workarea serves the heaviest content from locations closest to your customers. There’s no sense in creating an amazing experience that customers get bored waiting for.

Tier 1 PCI Compliance & Security

Our strict security standards ensure the safe acceptance, processing, and transmission of sensitive information.

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Commerce at the Core

Workarea Commerce, the most advanced enterprise-grade open source commerce platform, makes up the core of Workarea Commerce Cloud.

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Workarea Commerce Platform is the world's first truly open source, omnichannel commerce platform. The enterprise-grade commerce platform is written in Ruby on Rails and uses MongoDB, Elasticsearch, and Redis.

Developer Docs

Workarea Commerce Cloud Supports Many Use Cases

Subscription Commerce

Give your customers the convenience of standard and complex subscriptions and multiple payment methods. 

Omnichannel Commerce

Create a seamless shopping experience regardless of where your customers shop. Control the experience across all channels with ease. 

B2B Commerce

Designed to power the most advanced buying use cases with leading enterprise functionality and support for customization.

Explore Workarea B2B

Global Commerce

For retailers who want to go global, merchants can seamlessly increase internationalization capabilities with little risk or added resources.

Headless Commerce

Reach your customers with the best digital experiences no matter where they are through the Workarea Commerce Cloud API. 

Multi-site & Multi-brand Commerce

Share content and assets across a multi-site environment through a single administrative CMS.

Speak to a Commerce Expert

Before bolting on another solution or creating your next workaround, chat with a member of our team to see if Workarea Commerce is a fit for you.

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Latest Product Release v3.5

The latest release of the Workarea platform adds many major features and
platform enhancements. Notable additions include native Segmentation, Digital Products, and Release Schedule Previewing.

Workarea Unveils B2B Commerce Functionality

B2B Commerce businesses require a powerful platform to support the growing needs of their customers. The latest product release by Workarea includes core B2B Commerce functionality to support advanced buying use cases for B2B.

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