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Four Platforms Built As One

Workarea combines commerce, content, search and insights into one unified ecommerce platform enabling digital commerce businesses to move faster and work smarter. 

Commerce Management

Workarea has the enterprise ecommerce tools you need to sell faster than ever, including a powerful merchandising and discount engine that gives you the speed you need to compete.

B2C Cart & Checkout
Built around industry best practices and years of experience.

Sell to the consumers or sell to other businesses. Workarea supports a wide range of selling models.

Product & Catalog Management
Manage the most important aspect of your business - your products - with ease. Workarea supports physical and digital goods natively.

Multi-Site, Multi-Brand
Run multiple distinct storefronts through a single Workarea Admin experience.

Intelligent Merchandising
Seamlessly execute merchandising strategies and designs from concept to completion.

Discounts Engine
Build out simple and complex discount logic using an intuitive interface.

Accounts & Customer Service
Arm customer service reps with the tools they need to develop lasting relationships.

Deliver a rich experience whenever and wherever across any channel or device.

Subscription Commerce
Offer your customers the convenience and personal experience of product subscriptions.

Create unique shopping experiences for your customers and segments with ease.

Global Commerce
Arm Leading functionality for multi-locale content, multi-lingual copy, multi-currency and cross border use cases.

Mobile / PWA
Workarea was born in the mobile area. The platform supports all mobile commerce use cases.

Headless Commerce
With a comprehensive API, Workarea is the leader in innovative front-end experiences.

Workarea Storefronts
Choose from multiple digital storefront options or build bespoke experiences on Workarea.

Digital Products
Sell digital products natively on Workarea with support for digital fulfillment and downloads for file-based products.

Discount Engine

Increase your customer’s average order value and conversion rate with the most flexible pricing and discounting engine on the market. Promotions and discounts often involve the most complex logic in commerce, and Workarea’s Discount Engine is designed to take the headache out of building promotions. Just to get you started, Workarea comes with: Segment-Based Discounts Order Total Discounts Item Level Discounts Shipping Discounts Buy Some Get Some Free Gift and Quantity Fixed Price Discounts

Move faster with Workarea Commerce Cloud

You’ll always have access to the newest releases so you can leverage the latest enhancements. We provide seamless tooling to provide the upgrade experience you’ve always hoped for.

Elegant Content Management

Content is still king, and with Workarea, we put a crown on it. Create rich and compelling experiences for your customers with ease. Drag, drop, preview, and more within our ecommerce content management system.

Mobile First
Manage one set of assets across all viewpoints while delivering an optimized mobile experience.

Share content and assets across a multi-site environment through a single administrative CMS.

Take your brand global with localization and currency conversion.

Intelligent Merchandising
Add hand picked or rule-based product assortments to any page of your storefront.

Geo-Based Content
Deliver location specific offers to create a tailored and dynamic customer experience.

Page & Layout Editing
Easily create, edit, preview, and publish content with drag-and-drop simplicity using our responsive content blocks.

Navigation & Mega Menus
Use list based navigation to embed branding, merchandising, and content directly into your navigation.

Digital Asset Management
Manage assets with ease with single and bulk image uploads directly into content blocks.

Blog and Social Content
Create, control, and launch blog and social content using our Content Block functionality.

Content API
Scale and innovate faster across platforms with data transfers through open APIs.

SEO Management
SEO made simple with key features to keep your site tuned for optimal performance.

Landing Pages
Design and launch beautifully crafted responsive pages without the need for technical resources.

Image Storage, Management, Processing and Optimization

Workarea handles image storage, processing and optimization for all of the image assets used to build the shopping experience. This includes product images, where a single high resolution image is scaled and optimized across all areas where product images are presented, and delivered over a high-speed CDN.

Learn how our customers leverage the platform

Customer Stories

Search Management

Search is the backbone of the Workarea Commerce Platform. Rich shopping experiences are unstructured and our advanced, embedded search platform helps customers and business users alike to find exactly what they're looking for. As users search and shop, Workarea learns from their behavior and continues to improve results.

Product Search
Surface the most relevant products with advanced catalog search.

Content Search
Enable search across products and content to create engaging shopping experiences.

Self Learning Search
Intelligent data-generated search that fine-tunes results and keeps content relevant over time.

Filtering and Sorting
Let your customers refine their browsing options to quickly find and sort products.

Search Based Categories
Create product categories defined by search queries. New products automatically get categorized.

Search Merchandising & Personalization
Increase conversion rates by pairing curation with automated, optimized search rankings.

Relevancy Tuning

Control search results based on specific fields, weighted product descriptions and popularity.

Site Search Reports
Access built-in reports on search quality, popular searches and recent searches.

Search Beyond the Storefront
Administrators use search as a shortcut to quickly find product, customer orders and back-end operations.

Make search a selling and content tool

Search results go beyond the bolt-on results pages offered by other platforms - you can include products, content, and even blog posts, along with the ability to change the content and style of general results pages, empty search results, and keyword specific results.

Check out the Workarea Feature Index

Feature Index

Insights & Analytics

Turn your data into decisions with Workarea’s insights engine. Quickly discover what’s working for your team and drop what isn't. Insights will take the guesswork out of your day-to-day operations.

Analytics Dashboards
View data and reports to quickly identify and act on insights and trends.

Merchandising Reports
Leverage algorithmic recommendations for merchandising and promotions that move product.

Trending Products
Pinpoint and promote top trending products.

Sales Reports
Track sales across products, categories and site-wide right within the Workarea Admin.

Conversion Reports
Stay on top of one of the most important KPIs for your site.

Search Performance Reports
With search built in, users have access to a full array of search performance reports.

Make data-driven decisions

The Workarea platform’s Inline Insights, Insight Engine and Integrated Dashboards allow all ecommerce team members to wear the analyst hat and make data-driven decisions in real time.

Dig up untapped revenue opportunities through real-time, commerce-tailored, inline analytics that generate insights into a retailer’s marketing and merchandising efforts. Workarea unleashes the promise of big data for lean teams without dedicated analysts.

Discover how to sell more through the most advanced commerce intelligence tool on the market. Delivering easy-to-read reports on deep customer behavior to Workarea users, such as buying patterns, leads to streamlined promotional planning, better personalized product suggestions, and turns each visitor interaction into a purchasing opportunity.

Speak to a Commerce Expert

Breakaway from unnecessary IT restraints and build your digital experiences with complete freedom and speed.

All in a Unified Admin

Having the features you need is only half the battle. What makes Workarea a top ecommerce platform is that it is built for both non-technical and technical users. Teams can collaborate, execute and perform with confidence.

On-Demand Commerce Cloud Demo

Workarea Commerce Cloud offers merchants the most advanced tools for growing their business with integrated content management, search, promotions management and merchant insights. Workarea Site Planner allows future versions of the experience to be previewed and automatically scheduled for publish.

Site Planner

Unique to Workarea, Site Planner gives you the power to manage and test multiple scheduled changes to your live storefront. 

Site Planner is the solution to the midnight conference call where IT, marketing, and management all hang on the phone waiting to see if what looked good on staging also works in production.

Easily review, edit and launch enhancements to pages, content, discounts, pricing, categories, products and navigation. Like many other features in Workarea, you can track all changes and share comments with team members. Preview and test your content, pricing and discounts in the production environment before scheduling them to go live, roll back groups of changes with a single click, and save time by reusing site-wide campaigns.

Intra-Day Releases
Prepare, preview and schedule site updates without the need of a staging environment.

Search-First Administration
Using the same search as your storefront, easily navigate to any level of the admin.

Streamlined Workflows
Each section of the admin has its own specific workflow so you can accomplish common tasks intuitively and in the least amount of steps.

Collaboration and Audit History

Winning teams start with good communication and collaboration. Workarea is designed to enable better communication, and in turn collaboration with features like: Site Planner, inline Activity Feeds, Collaborative Commenting, Notifications and Alerts. 

Activity Feeds offer admin users a full view into the history of a particular asset, including changes, time and the administrator who updated it. Commenting allows for admin notes and asynchronous communication as changes are being made. Notifications give a view of recent updates in the system and Alerts are offered to users when the system finds incomplete or incorrect work such as products with missing images or categories without products.

Bulk Editing

Replace manual updates with the Workarea Bulk Editing features. Select multiple products and then quickly add, edit or remove them all at once.

Archive last season's inventory, quickly setup a sale or apply a number of promo codes for a special event. With Bulk Editing, you can fulfill many orders, delete many files, or publish many products all at once. No more need for a separate PIM.

Our Tech Stack

Workarea is built on the web's leading open source technologies.

Workarea APIs

The Workarea APIs allow you build applications and services that can make use of your data and our functionality. Of course, you’ll have programmatic access to all data stored within Workarea, but all storefront functionality is available through our robust API. Our customers are deploying headless commerce applications and creating new experiences with the most complete API on the market.

Ruby on Rails
Ruby on Rails is a popular framework for building web applications. Some of the biggest sites, like Twitter, Github, and Airbnb leverage Rails. Optimized for developer happiness, it’s fast - for both customers and developers.

MongoDB accelerates innovation with a data storage model that easily accommodates changes in your commerce experiences. Workarea developers can quickly handle any curveballs in a retailer’s data without sacrificing any efficiency.

Elasticsearch is the backbone of Workarea, powering so much more than the textual search experience for shoppers. This high-performance search engine drives merchandising, categories, and content, as well as the most delightful admin experience you will ever use.

Redis is a lightning fast in-memory data store. Workarea uses Redis to store its cache, asynchronous jobs, and recommendations data. This enables Workarea to deliver some of the fastest sites on the Internet.

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The enterprise-grade commerce platform is written in Ruby on Rails and uses MongoDB, Elasticsearch, and Redis.

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