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Workarea Ecommerce Platform Feature Index

Looking for specific features or functionalities that match your ecommerce requirements? Check out the Workarea commerce feature index for a full checklist of our platform key features and capabilities. 

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Deliver Rich Shopping Experiences

Workarea is a comprehensive, modern commerce platform that allows B2C and B2B merchants to deliver and evolve the best shopping experiences.

Key Features

Digital Storefronts & Experiences

Templates don’t create unique and engaging digital experiences and certainly don’t help retailers build their brand. Workarea brings together flexible content management, flexible frontend framework and lightning-fast image processing and page speed to help retailers create breathtaking desktop and mobile experiences.

Unified Admin

Workarea’s unified admin is designed to make common tasks easier and more productive. Commerce teams no longer have to get used to several tools to manage features like content, onsite search, customer service and product management. Workarea provides a unified admin experience built from the ground up and focused on user experience.

Site Planner

Site Planner defines a new way for teams to rapidly and confidently shape commerce. With Site Planner, your team can collaborate and constantly push updates to content, products, categories and more. Releases within Site Planner can be automatically synchronized with your work calendar. This provides a great way to stay on top of campaigns and site changes as well as provide increased visibility to coworkers not regularly working with the Workarea Admin. 


Winning teams start with good communication and collaboration. Workarea is designed to enable better communication and in turn collaboration with features like Site Planner, a Universal Activity Feed, Inline Activity Feeds, Commenting, Notifications, and Alerts.


Workarea is designed to allow users to accomplish common tasks intuitively and in the least amount of steps. Each section of the administration system has its own specific workflow to guide you through that particular task.

Search First Administration

Our Admin Site Search uses the same technology as our storefront Site Search. This allows an admin user to easily navigate to any level of the admin just through using the Admin Search.

Native Segmentation & Personalization

Workarea Merchants can create unique, targeted experiences with advanced Segmentation available for every asset managed in the platform. 

Commerce Features

Category Merchandising

Easily create categories by blending search-driven merchandising and hand picked selections. Drag and drop products into the order that you’d like featured products to display.

Default Category Control

Control and revise a product’s default category after initial assignment.

Search Merchandising

Increase conversion rates from search result pages by blending organic search results with hand picked selections and align search terms to banners or custom product lists.

Content Page Merchandising

Add hand-picked or rule-based product assortments to your homepage, category pages, any additional content pages, blog entries, etc.

Inline Merchandising Insights

Merchandisers don’t need to run separate reports to understand how products, categories or collections are performing. With inline insights in the Workarea Admin, users make smarter data-driven merchandising decisions.

Product Information Management

Manage the most important aspect of your business - your products - with ease. Our single-page editing interface for all product data makes day-to-day updates simple. Admin users have control over pricing, inventory, product content, recommendations, and more.

Bulk Product Editing

Bulk Editing allows admin user to select multiple products and then quickly add, edit or remove the following Product data points in a single process: Active Y/N, Browse by Option, Purchase Dates, Page Template, Tags, Filters / Attributes, Pricing and Inventory. 

Packaged Products

Product packages allow business users to create a group of related products that display on a single product detail page. Merchandisers can use Workarea's product package template to quickly and easily include outfits and kits as part of any category on their site.

Discount Engine

Incentivize your customers to increase their average order value and conversion rate. Discounts can be unique per customer, or can be redeemed an unlimited number of times, can exclude sale items, and you can make discounts incompatible with other discounts.

Discount Types

Here is a list of our highly configurable discount types: Segment-Based Discounts, Order Total Discounts, Item Level Discounts, Shipping Discounts, Buy Some - Get Some, Free Gift, Quantity Fixed Price.

Promotion Code Generation

Generate promo codes for all users or unique promo codes that can be delivered through an email campaign. Promo codes can be paired with any discount in the system.

Onsite Search

Help customers find what they want, fast. Workarea's native search has advanced features to help your team improve results and maximize search conversions. Search results can include products, content, and blog posts. Optimize search results and add content and products to help increase conversions from search. 

Order Management

Keep track of all your storefront orders through an easy-to-use interface. Admin users can get a snapshot of essential order information or export from a time period.

Order Fulfillment

Comprehensive order fulfillment dashboard helping retailers prioritize which orders to focus on first during the pick, pack and ship workflow. Shipping services can also be marked as “priority” so that anytime that service is selected the order will automatically go into the priority workflow.

Customer Service

Customer will have a seamless call experience with increased flexibility for Customer service representatives to adjust existing placed orders. Cancel line item(s) from a placed order and make pricing adjustments to line items as well as shipping charges.

Split Shipments (OMS)

Orders are not restricted to a single package - contents of orders can be split into multiple shipments going to different addresses.

User Segmentation

Segment your customers, tailor their site experience, and reward them for their loyalty. Customers can be grouped based on behaviors such as items purchased, searches performed, total amount spent, order frequency, and more.

User Permissions

Build internal processes and control which areas members of your team can access or edit. For example, you can keep your customer service team focused on people and orders, and away from your product catalog.

Email Capture

Workarea supports a number of ways for the ecommerce storefront to capture customer emails. Admin users can view and export opt-in customers. Marketing teams can use this utility to support a simpler integration with their ESP.

Impersonate Guest Checkout

Customer services agents can impersonate shopper's online sessions to facilitate actions that occur on the ecommerce storefront. This capability has been expanded to include both logged in and guest shoppers.

B2B Commerce Features

Buyer Orgs and Accounts

Relationships between users and accounts are easily configured in the Workarea Admin so buyers can order under the terms set up by your business.

Price Lists

Price Lists can be managed and assigned to B2B Accounts in Workarea. This unique pricing is reflected accross the storefront experience; including product listing, detail, search, cart and checkout pages. 

Payment Terms

Unique account payment terms can be established with credit limits and balances managed for each business customer. 


Price quotes can be requested and routed to the appropriate approver within the Workarea Admin. This workflow supports the entire quote lifecycle between buyer and the business. 

Catalog Quick Order

Large B2B orders are easily accepted via optimized quick order forms that support data entry as well as SKU CSV import options. 

Order Replenishment

Reordering historical purchases is supported to allow B2B buyers a simple way to replenish common items. 

B2B Product Search

Advanced B2B search use cases supported for the B2B buyer workflow. 

Content Features

Content Management

Powerful content management built for the marketer. Manage all of your content, including image assets, video, pages, and more from an interface built for the non-technical user.

Content Editing

Workarea has a fully developed content management system that lets your draw outside of the lines and create engaging cross device commerce experiences. Easily create, edit, preview, and publish content with drag and drop simplicity and endless flexibility.

Responsive Content Blocks

Content blocks allow your teams to move past the limitations of layout templates. Now your team can build engaging pages and update all types of content quickly and without the need for technical resources.

Content First Navigation

Workarea offers a list based navigation instead of a limited tree based navigation. This gives unmatched flexibility to embed content and design within navigation, all from the admin. Now branding and merchandising can engage your customers as they navigate.

Asset Management

Manage your content assets easily within the Workarea system. Admin users can bulk upload images for shared content to the “Asset” section of the system, or upload new images directly into a content block.


Connect with your customers on a deeper level by seamlessly integrating your content and commerce. Create multiple blogs and associate relevant products to any blog entry to improve your SEO. New entries can be added easily using our Content Block functionality.


Workarea is built along all modern SEO standards. SEO management is simple, and key features are automated to reduce the overhead needed to keep your site tuned for SEO performance.

SEO Automation

Workarea generates automatic and consistent URL slugs for categories, pages, products, and blogs. Users have control of page titles and meta description that are customizable per product. Workarea accounts for canonical links, proper ALT tags and the proper usage of Schema.org standards. 



Workarea delivers actionable insights in many forms and within workflows to help you make better data driven decisions without the extra tasks of running and analyzing complex data providing a robust set of reports, dashboards and recommendations to help them increase sales.


Dashboards are built to give the business user the snapshot needed to share basic data with their team, report to management and identify quick insights and trends.

Inline Insights

Inline insights have been added within workflows, starting with products and expanding to categories, users, orders and promotions.

Algorithmic Insights

Algorithmic recommendations for merchandising, and promotions will help lean teams skip past in-depth reporting and move straight towards action.

Product Insights

The Product Insights content block allows you to input top products or trending products on any area where content can be inserted.

Merchandising Trend Sparklines

Inline trend sparklines were added to areas of the Admin where this data is relevant to the task at hand. Merchandisers can quickly see how individual assets are performing as they work in the system. Sparklines give insight into sales history of individual products, categories, searches and discounts.

Storefront Features

Multi-site Capabilities

Run multiple storefronts through a single administration tool. Give your customers a tailored experience around content and your catalog while maintaining your brand identity. 


Take your brand global with a number of out of the box features focused on international customers.

Localization and Currency Conversion

Give your international customers an experience they deserve and need. Content and product information can be tailored per language or locale. Currency can be transacted natively, or converted for display on-the-fly.

Customer Accounts

Make it easy for your customers to add and manage account information. Living on a single page, your users can find their personal information, order history, saved addresses, payment options and wish lists.

Email Signup Pop-Up 

Manage the content that prompts and incentives new users to opt in to your email communications when they access the website.


Expedite the checkout process by allowing your users to save multiple addresses to their account before checkout even begins. Checkout already started? Our intuitive system will automatically save addresses to the user’s profile, making checkout for returning customers one step simpler.

Facebook Sign-in

Make sign-in simple. Customers will have the ability to login via Facebook Sign-In. If they don't have an existing account, one will be created using the email address associated to their Facebook account.

Ratings and Reviews

Workarea's ratings and review functionality is among the best in the industry. The product detail page will display a review summary, which contains the review title and descriptions accompanied by its overall star rating, the number of reviews the rating is based on and the reviewer’s name. Reviews are filtered for spam, can be approved or denied in the administration and facilitate reviewer item purchase verification. The Workarea admin offers the ability to send follow up email workflows requesting shoppers to write reviews for recent purchases.

Hover Zoom

Allow your customers to get up close and personal with your products when browsing on desktop. Upon hovering over the product image on the product detail page, users can zoom in to see the finer details of your product.

Product Compare

Present customers with an interface on the browse page to compare products they're considering buying. Product information is dynamically populated based on shared attributes.

Sticky Navigation

As customers scroll down your site, the persistent or “sticky” navigation keeps the option to browse the site catalog in front of their eyes.

Store Locator

Make things easier for your customer, even if they would rather purchase in store. Customers can search for a store location by entering in a zip code or address. Results will be listed by distance from zip code, closest first, and include a link directly to Google Maps.

Wish Lists

Users are able to create wish lists easily by adding individual SKUs to an editable and shareable list. Take advantage of wish list options such as Frequent Buy Lists, Save for Later, Quick Reorder Lists, and Registry. Users can share their collection via Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and email.


Present customers with a unique way to voice their opinion on your product catalog. When a customer hearts a product, its popularity increases on the site to help other customers make a buying decision. My Hearted Items are accessible within the customer account.

Social Sharing

Maximize your brand's reach by giving your customers the ability to share a product on social networks such as Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and Google+. Additionally, the social content block allows users to put social calls to action on any page, category, search result, etc.

Recently Viewed

Enhance your customers’ browsing experience by keeping “Recently Viewed” products right in front of their eyes. Recently viewed products appear on the browse pages, product detail page, and the shopping cart.

Product Recommendations

Use product recommendations to help customers find products relevant to their shopping experience. Recommendations include “users also purchased”, “users also viewed”, and “most similar products”. Your merchandising team can custom administer recommendations, too.

Personalized Product Recommendations

Display product recommendations in the user’s My Account section. Recommendations will be based on the user’s purchase history and recent browsing activity. Other areas to display recommendations include the cart summary view, empty cart and order confirmation page.

Filtered Navigation

Let your customers refine their browsing options to quickly find the product they’re looking for. Custom filters (e.g. occasion, season) can easily be added at the category or search level by your business users.

Quick View

Streamline desktop browsing with product Quick View. This allows users to preview larger product images, in addition to product information, pricing, and the ability to add to cart.


Built around industry best practices and years of experience, one of the most critical components of Workarea's ecommerce system is backed by data and driven by ease of use.


Built around industry best practices and years of experience, one of the most critical components of Workarea's ecommerce system is backed by data and driven by ease of use.

Address Verification

Ensure deliverability and minimize fraud with Address Verification. Upon inputting their address, customers can select a suggested address or proceed with the address they entered.

Google Address Autocomplete

Leveraging Google’s trusted Maps API, users can benefit from the speed and ease of use of the autocomplete address suggestions.

Shipping Methods

Give your customer multiple shipping options based on location, with rates determined by pricing tiers, or via seamless integrations with shipping providers like UPS and FedEx.


Workarea is pre-integrated with over 100 payment gateways. We can support all major credit cards, PayPal, Amazon Payments, Apple Pay, Gift Cards, and store credit.


Quick and secure checking out is the name of the game. Offer your customers the convenience of checking out with Paypal.

Amazon Payments

40 million people belong to Amazon Prime. Give those customers the option to use their Amazon stored credit card information to checkout on your website.

Gift Wrapping

Shoppers have the ability to select gift wrapping for each item in an order for a set cost, as well as the ability to customize a message.


Workarea provides clients a return merchandise authorization process which reduces development time and 3rd party dependencies. Shoppers have the ability to request a return and provide a reason for the RMA from their order history. Within the admin, users can accept or decline RMA requests and mark the returned item quantity, restock and refund quantities.

Subscriptions PlugIn

Shoppers have the option to subscribe to an item and set a delivery frequency from the product page. The subscription will be managed via through their account page.

Split Shipments

Shoppers have the option to ship items to multiple address during the checkout process.

Product Detail Page Options

Configuration options for Product Detail Pages give greater admin control over how product options are displayed and presented. Each of these options employ the same inventory availability logic implemented for the storefront. Configurations available include Option Select, Option Swatches, and Option Thumbnails.

Pickup In Store

Store locations with specific inventory levels as well as Store Pickup functionality can be managed via two Workarea Plugins: Store Locations and Store Pickup. These enhancements significantly reduce the time to implement Workarea for an omnichannel strategy.

Cloud Infrastructure & Tech

Hosting Environment

Hosted in a Tier 1 "Cloud" environment with Amazon Web Services (AWS), a recognized leader in cloud infrastructure as a service.

Content Delivery Network 

The Workarea solution has enterprise-grade CDN services built in for all images and css within the platform.  

Managed Application and Hosting Services

Workarea provides managed application, hosting and disaster recovery services, ensuring that the web sites that we’ve all worked hard to build are performing at their best and accessible to our clients and their customers at all times. 

Guaranteed Uptime

Workarea guarantees 99.98% uptime ensuring that: Customers are able to make purchases 24 hours per day, seven days per week, 365 days per year (excluding scheduled downtime), with no more than one consecutive hour of unscheduled downtime during any calendar month.

Monitoring and Alerting

Each Technical Lead at Workarea participates in an on-call rotation as the first line of defense, which is managed through PagerDuty. In the event of an issue that can’t be solved by the technical lead, the escalation path continues on to the project manager, up through to the CTO and CEO. 95% of incidents are resolved by the on-call tech lead.

Redundancy and Backups

There are different types of data used by your web site and teams. Each type of data has its own set up a backup policies and procedures.

Site Images

The images used by the web site for products and content are stored in Amazon’s Simple Storage Service (S3). S3 is a secure, durable, highly-scalable object storage system and was designed for 99.999999999% durability. All images are stored in multiple data centers and can withstand the loss of data in two physical locations.

Application Redundancy

Each client is hosted individually in their own Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) within AWS. There are no shared services between any client environments. Within each VPC, the infrastructure is spread between at least 3 availability zones and configured to allow for the loss of an availability zone without requiring any intervention from Workarea.

Anti-Virus, Operating System Patching and Maintenance

Workarea maintains a Clam-AV (Anti-Virus) service in each client’s VPC environment. Virus signatures are updated hourly. Operating system patches are managed through SysWard. Use the Dashboard to get an overview of your systems and see what patches were recently applied. 

Workarea Webhooks

Webhooks are an useful developer tool that allows for the execution of code based on events that occur in the system. As such, they have been popular as a way to integrate data between systems. Workarea Webhooks can be triggered on creation, update or deletion of various events in the platform. Webhooks are configured in the Workarea Admin where administrators can view examples of what data will be sent for each event type.

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