B2B Commerce

Advanced Tools for B2B Sellers

With leading enterprise functionality and support for customization, Workarea is a leading choice for innovative B2B sellers. The B2B Commerce functionality within the Workarea Ecommerce Platform is designed to support advanced buying use cases specific to business customers. 

Buyer Orgs and Accounts

B2B buyer organizations, accounts and users can be modeled in Workarea with unique configurations associated to each business customer.

Price Lists

Price Lists can be managed and assigned to B2B Accounts in Workarea. This unique pricing is reflected across the storefront experience, including product listing, detail, search, cart and checkout pages.

Payment Terms

Unique account payment terms can be established with credit limits and balances managed for each business customer.


Price quotes can be requested and routed to the appropriate approver within the Workarea Admin. This workflow supports the entire quote lifecycle between buyer and the business.

Catalog Quick Order

Large B2B orders are easily accepted via optimized quick order forms that support data entry as well as SKU CSV import options.

Order Replenishment

Reordering historical purchases is supported to allow B2B buyers a simple way to replenish common items.

B2B Product Search

Advanced B2B search use cases supported for the B2B buyer workflow.

We've got you covered.

With Workarea, you can expect scalability, performance, security and compliance. 
Resilient, Horizontal Scaling
Workarea sites are hosted in at least three different availability zones and automatically scale up to handle an avalanche of traffic. 

CDN with Dynamic Caching
CDN, check. Workarea serves the heaviest content from locations closest to your customers. There's no sense in creating an amazing experience that customers get bored waiting for. 

Tier 1 PCI Compliance & Security
Our strict security standards ensure the safe acceptance, processing, and transmission of sensitive information. 

On-demand Infrastructure 
Each client is hosted individually. There's no shared infrastructure. The platform's auto-scaling ensures that there's always more than enough capacity to keep things running smoothly. 

Monitoring & Support
Our teams are on-call 24/7 to address anything that may come up before your customers even notice. Developers have access to all the tools that we use to make sure things are running smoothly. 

The C Suite Loves Workarea 

Expect a superior ROI with Workarea through revenue growth and cost efficiencies by consolidating commerce tech and increasing team productivity. The platform delivers the robustness of legacy enterprise platforms without the "enterprise" inefficiencies or the price tag.

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