Workarea Vs. Magento

Magento VS Workarea

See how Workarea Commerce Platform (open source) and Workarea Commerce Cloud stacks up to the Magento options.

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With Magento 1 nearing end-of-life, merchants must decide whether to hang on to aging technology or replatform. Moving to Magento 2
requires a full rebuild of your solution including customizations, extensions, and other integrations. It also means business users remain developer-dependent, with routine site updates, platform updates and integrations reliant on IT. Magento 1’s sunset offers an opportunity to explore flexible commerce technology built on a modern tech stack which empowers business teams and delivers seamless updates. This allows you to apply your development budget to innovation, not administration.

Magento VS Workarea Comparison Guide

Both Workarea and Magento offer an open source version as well as upgraded commerce cloud packages. How do you know which platform is best for your organization. Take a look at the Magento VS Workarea Comparison Guide. 

Featured Customer: Ren's Pets

Watch and learn why this leader in pet feed and supplies with a 40 year history decided to move off of Magento 1 to the Workarea Commerce Cloud Platform.

Four Platforms Built As One

The Workarea enterprise commerce platform is built to unify commerce, content, insights and search for innovative merchants.

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