Simplifying Ecommerce for Woodcraft

Delivering product-focused data to shoppers with ease.
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Woodcraft wanted to publish content faster and ax extra steps. Workarea helps them move faster than ever before.

Woodcraft, one of the nation's oldest and largest suppliers of quality woodworking tools and supplies, had a homegrown ecommerce platform handling about 20,000 SKUs. But that’s not all: Woodcraft also has 72 retail stores, and mails 1.5 million catalogs to customers in all 50 states and 117 countries.

The omnichannel retailer knew it needed to adopt a faster, easier platform, which would allow it to masterfully deliver a 360-degree shopping experience. The innate flexibility and streamlined workflows Workarea offers enables Woodcraft to deliver on that mission.

Handling the massive volume of Woodcraft’s catalog and branded content, Workarea helps the retailer easily spiff up product detail pages, swap out how-to articles and videos, and create custom discounts. Also, extensive customizations in shipping and tax that Woodcraft dealt with in its' homegrown platform were eliminated.

“We knew we were restrained by our homegrown ecommerce platform and needed to adopt one that was faster and easier to manage. Workarea is more than a modern product that’s easy to use, its flexibility allowed us to cost-effectively meet the needs of our unique business.”

Vince Grlovich
Vice President Sales & Marketing, Woodcraft

To increase consumer confidence and conversion rates

Aware of the dramatic conversion lift that comes from educating customers, Woodcraft's site is loaded with helpful, detailed content behind tens of thousands of products. In order to feed the never-ending content consumption by shoppers, their multidisciplinary ecommerce team relies on Workarea to create and edit everything on their site, on their own.

Workarea makes it easy for Woodcraft to present shipping information upfront on product detail pages, including how soon an item can ship, if it is in stock, and how much shipping will cost. On Workarea, Woodcraft has seen their previously complex ecommerce woes whittled away.

It is a must for the brand to have the community of woodworkers it has served for 89+ years understand the value and story of each product, and experience far more than the expected product push. Woodcraft is able to accomplish this through the advanced content management system within Workarea. The lean in-house Woodcraft team simply adds to its series of blogs full of project guides and DIY articles. How-to videos and product photos can be swapped out in seconds with confidence.

“On our old website, if I wanted to build a landing page it had to be coded. Moving to Workarea allowed me to be able to create landing pages whenever I need them. The modular tools inside Workarea are what really speeds up my day.”

Kyle Crabtree
Director of Email and Social Media, Woodcraft

Less steps = more time

In one day using Workarea, a single team member built seven emails and their graphics, two landing pages, and all homepage components. On Woodcraft's homegrown ecommerce platform, this workload would have taken three to four days. When Woodcraft creates a page designed for desktop, they're simultaneously creating pages for their tablet and mobile shoppers thanks to the native responsive design of Workarea. With fewer steps involved, Woodcraft is finding more time to be creative and focus on critical tasks like merchandising or original content.

Now, Woodcraft creates landing pages faster than ever, easily replaces content, and launches promotions ahead of time without relying on 11 p.m. caffeine kicks. Getting ahead of online promotions comes from using Site Planner, the best-in-breed scheduling tool in Workarea that allows ecommerce teams to plan ahead better than ever.

What should be easy to do in an ecommerce platform, is easy to do in Workarea.

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