Why Workarea

The commerce platform developed for fast-moving retailers.

The Commerce Platform developed for fast-moving retailers

Shoppers require richer commerce experiences. Workarea redefines the commerce platform by allowing merchants to deliver rich commerce experiences for their customers with greater speed and efficiency than ever before.  Learn how retailers are experiencing rapid growth on the Workarea commerce platform.

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Why retailers love Workarea

Enterprise Capabilities

Workarea is a enterprise-grade platform that combines robust features across commerce, content management, search and merchant insights.

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Freedom and Flexibility 

Many platforms sacrifice flexibility for scale. Workarea was built to allow for ultimate merchant freedom. Customization is no longer a dirty word.

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Work Smarter and Faster

Our platform is built for teams to collaborate, execute and perform with confidence. Work leaner and smarter using a platform built specifically for the new way digital teams need to work.

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Modern and Innovative

The internet has evolved since most commerce platforms hit the market over a decade ago. Choose a platform built in the modern era, on today's best technologies.

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A platform born in retail 

The Workarea Commerce Platform was thoughtfully designed by industry veterans who are immersed in all things commerce. Once you see the platform in action, retail professionals quickly realize the craftsmanship that went into perfecting our product.

Enterprise commerce without the handcuffs

Merchants with sophisticated requirements have a head start with Workarea. Whether your next strategy involves advanced personalization, omnichannel selling, headless commerce experiences, global expansion or digital transformation in your business, the Workarea platform provides the expansive breath and depth of capabilities you'd expect from an enterprise commerce platform. 

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The freedom to flex your skills

Digital commerce is a face-paced game. Workarea empowers merchants to tell their unique story and innovate faster without reliance on IT. That combined with our single tenant SaaS tech stack and your business can achieve more than you imagined. Extend your capabilities through our comprehensive API, the Workarea Plugin Framework or through customer work. No more shoehorning your strategy into a small commerce box.

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Do more in less time.

Many commerce platform vendors forget about your most precious resource -- time. Productivity and collaboration tools, unseen in any other commerce platform, are designed into the core of Workarea. Imagine what your team can accomplish if they could work like a team 4 times their size!

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Today's commerce opportunities demand a solution built on a modern foundation. Workarea stays ahead so our customers can stay ahead of their competition.

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The Preferred Platform

Workarea is the preferred Commerce Platform of choice for our amazing B2C & B2B retailer customers:

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Is Workarea a Fit for me?

Workarea wasn’t built for ecommerce novices or for large, bureaucratic enterprises that can tolerate moving slow and paying through the nose. Workarea is a great fit for serious online merchants that understand the value of employing sophisticated digital growth strategies but wish to continue to move at the speed of their startup days.

If this is your business. Are you ambitious? If you’re a commerce master without the right set of tools… take a peek at Workarea.

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