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Launching its first direct to consumer site, Tahari ASL transformed a wholesale business on Workarea.

Waiting to launch the right way

After spending 12 months vetting ecommerce platforms, Tahari ASL selected Workarea. The platform's robust functionality and workflows erased the need for apps or add-ons, which met Tahari ASL's requirements. The luxury women's brand needed a responsive site built on time that went beyond the standard online shopping experience. 

In 17 years of business, this was Tahari ASL's first direct to consumer site. "I’d rather be a little late to the party and do it right. We took our time to launch the website properly and we’re very happy we did that," said Les Schreiber, Tahari ASL’s chief operating officer and partner.

In order to keep the project on track, the Workarea project management team held daily check-ins and one-on-one communication with Tahari ASL’s ecommerce team of one. The project’s success relied on solid team chemistry and daily cooperation.

“The inherent flexibility that the Workarea platform gives us is something no other ecommerce platform has right now.

Judy Reiley
Director of Ecommerce

Creating a clear fashion runway

A platform co-developed by retailers, the Workarea base feature set offered all the technology Tahari ASL’s team needed to start selling online. Relying on its roots in retail and long history of working with top fashion brands, Workarea was able to fast-track design and user experience initiatives for Tahari ASL. 

On TahariASL.com, shoppers can see quick views of products within categories, and use the exclusive hearting functionality in Workarea to "favorite" items to purchase at a later time. Presenting trust factors that encourage customer satisfaction, the site offers a live chat feature as well as free shipping and returns call-outs. The immersive product pages feature a unique user interface that guides the shopper through the color and size selection process. All efforts centered on creating an easy-to-shop experience that motivates customers to browse.

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