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Global lifestyle brand wished to bring content to the forefront. Fans are closer to adorable characters such as Hello Kitty, Gudetama, and Tuxedosam.

A longtime Workarea merchant, Sanrio opted to focus site redesign efforts on building a dynamic site that showcases “supercute” branded content over the standard product push. More fun + less promotion = what shoppers want.

Aware of Sanrio’s need to connect with avid fans around the globe, the Workarea implementation team built custom content blocks to highlight a portfolio of its adored characters, a management tool to quickly swap out video files, as well as a community-friendly blog entitled “Sweet Happy News” offering curated branded content, news, and updates. Beloved characters of the past, present and future are all featured throughout the website and fans will delight in seeing their favorites.

Shopping made simple

Free of competing content, a new “Shop” tab takes visitors directly to Sanrio’s online store where products are presented . The shopping experience has also been enhanced through a new customer-driven product review section, simplified yet still secure checkout, and powerful search functionality where visitors can comb the site's content as well as product descriptions. The core flexibility of Workarea enables Sanrio’s small ecommerce team to effortlessly manage a content-driven experience while improving a popular destination for their loyal, global fan base.

Today, more than 50,000 Hello Kitty-branded items are available in over 130 countries and upwards of 15,000 U.S. retail locations including department, specialty, national chain stores and over 35 Sanrio boutiques.

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