Rachel Roy

Rachel Roy wants to do more than just help women look great. The brand has a clear mission: to inspire and empower women to design the life they want to live.

In selecting both a platform and a partner to relaunch RachelRoy.com, the brand found its match with Workarea. Combining the flexibility of the Workarea platform with a passionate design team gave Rachel Roy a site that can deliver on that mission.

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A collaborative platform plus a collaborative process.

Rachel Roy didn’t want a cookie cutter site, and neither did their customers. Their vision required a new, modern expression of the Rachel Roy brand that tells a cohesive story to both devotees and new audiences. At each step in the process, the Rachel Roy team and the Workarea team worked hand in hand to help the brand realize its vision. Beyond launch, the Workarea platform’s flexibility and class-leading content management tools allow the Rachel Roy team to constantly refresh and renew the site’s look. Unique content blocks make it easy to create dynamic homepage content from blog posts or lookbooks.

Experience-driven design, not transaction-driven design

How do you create ambience online? It’s one thing to create a feeling in a retail store, but another to do so with pixels and code.

Workarea was the platform with both the features and the flexibility required to move beyond transactional ecommerce to something larger. Workarea developers and designers were the team that could build an experience out of that platform.

The immersive product pages on Rachelroy.com feature full-screen product images, and a unique user interface that guides the shopper through the color and size selection process. The site’s design yields a shopping experience that’s commanding enough to compete with nearly any outside distraction.

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Content and commerce, working together.

Success isn’t just about conversion rates. How customers engage with brand content and story ranks highly among the Rachel Roy team’s performance metrics.

Rachelroy.com features a true integration of content and commerce. Building on advanced blogging capabilities within Workarea, posts can be merchandized with products, outfits, or looks. Which means content-driven shopping, instead of linking back to a product page and interrupting the content experience.

The Rachel Roy team worked with the Workarea implementation team to develop not one but five unique blog looks. The site features two main content-driven sections: The Life and Kindness is Always Fashionable. Through Kindness is Always Fashionable, another fundamental driver of the Rachel Roy brand, philanthropy, finds its home online.

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