Platform Overview

Commerce, Content and Insights in One Platform

When commerce, content and insights are collaborating, so is your team.

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All you need to sell more

  • Responsive, Multisite Storefronts
  • Product & Catalog Management
  • Inventory & Pricing
  • Promotions & Discounts
  • Order Management
  • Customer Service


Say goodbye to templates

  • Content Management
  • Search & Navigation
  • Digital Asset Management
  • Page and Layout Management
  • SEO Management
  • Blog


Turn data into decisions

  • Integrated Dashboards
  • Inline data
  • Insight Engine
  • Site Search Reports
  • Alerts and Notifications
  • Performance Reports
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Freedom and Flexibility

Operate Out of the Box

With integrated content management, we make it easy for our customers to draw outside the lines. Low cost flexibility brings your unique capabilities back into scope. Customization is no longer a dirty word.

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Team Performance

Built for Teams not Checkboxes

Having all the features you need is only half the battle. Our platform is built for teams to collaborate, execute and perform with confidence. Workarea customers work leaner and smarter using a platform built specifically for the new way digital teams work.

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Modern and Evolving

What Modern Means to Us

Flexibility no longer comes with a built-in 3 year replatforming itch caused by legacy software and legacy limitations. Workarea is built on a tech stack and application structure specifically designed to stay updated and allow consistent improvements to key features. Workarea is the only commerce platform that doesn’t force you to decide between flexibility today and innovation tomorrow.

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Regardless of screen size or connectivity, we must provide an optimal experience, and Workarea allows us to achieve this.

Matt Debnar, VP of E-Commerce at U.S. Polo Assn.

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Top Features

All You Need to Sell More

These features stand out as the ones our customers love the most.

Site Planner

Site Planner defines a new way for teams to rapidly and confidently shape commerce. With our Site Planner tool, your team can collaborate and constantly push updates to content, products, categories and more. A calendar view provides insight into future iterations of the digital experience.

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Streamlined Commerce, Content & Analytics Workflows
We’ve spent years studying our customers “on the ground” and have designed streamlined, intuitive features and workflows for creating and managing: Products, Categories, Site Navigation, Discounts, Assets and Content.

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Communication and Collaboration

Winning teams start with good communication. Workarea is designed to enable better communication and in turn collaboration with features like Inline Activity Feeds, Commenting Notifications and Alerts.

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Flexible Content Management

Powerful content management built for today's retail marketer. The Workarea Responsive Design Blocks allow you to get creative with flexible page layouts. Manage all of your content, including image assets, video, product lists, pages, and more from an interface built for the non-technical user.

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Responsive Design Blocks

Our Responsive Design Blocks allow your teams to move past the limitations of layout templates. Now your team can build engaging pages and update all types of content quickly, without the need for technical resources.

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Site Search

Modern commerce search is not an addon. Our search is foundational to the Workarea platform, indexing catalog and content across the site while learning as your customers shop. Business users can view performance, customize search rules, and publish using Site Planner. Native features include typeahead suggestions, filters and facets, results boosting and redirect rules.

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Insights & Analytics

Insights Built for Commerce
Most retail teams don’t have a dedicated analyst to sift through endless reports. The Workarea platform’s Inline Insights, Insight Engine and Integrated Dashboards allow all commerce team members to wear the analyst hat and make data-driven decisions in real time.

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Search Reports

Onsite search is critical for your shoppers to find the content and products within your site. And this search behavior creates a massive amount of data. Workarea users have access to search performance reports so they can learn about their customers and fine-tune the experience.

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Subscription Model

Built for Growth

Our model combines an entire commerce solution in a simple and predictable subscription.

Innovations and Updates
Continuous updates to the platform push innovation into your site and admin, and are included in the subscription. Unlike all other models, these updates won’t limit your ability to be flexible and customize your site, business rules and admin.

Cloud Built for Selling
Permanently erase the need for internal IT resources, and more importantly, gain peace of mind with our 99.98% uptime guarantee. We utilize the most cutting-edge hosting and monitoring, image processing, redundancy technology, and have teams of our tech geniuses monitoring your performance every hour of every day.

Customer Support and Success
Our team of seasoned commerce experts build tight working relationships with you and your team. To fuel continual growth we offer support, guidance on best practices, and in-depth strategic services.

Partners that Move the Needle
Our growing technology and service partners add value to the Workarea platform with pre-built integrations and implementation expertise.

Uptime Guaranteed

With 365/24/7 monitoring and support, our hosting team keeps your site at optimal performance... even during peak season.

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Platform Technology

Built on Open Source

Workarea is built on the most modern technology stack and delivered as a service to our customers. Built with Ruby, its flexibility, extensibility, and broad community support allows us the elasticity we need to move at the speed of your business.

Rails is a well proven framework, dedicated to sustainable productivity and flexibility. Rails powers thousands of sites including Basecamp, Github, Groupon, YP, and Twitter.

Rails Engines allow for flexible extension and reuse of Rails code. Additionally, our Plugin Framework is powered by Rails Engines.

Mongoid is a persistence technology which allows developers familiar with Rails an easy and fast on-ramp to building on top of MongoDB.

Sidekiq is simple, efficient background processing for Ruby. We use it to keep web response times snappy, and as a robust way to manage background tasks.

Hadoop powers the big data processing used in Workarea Insights. Shopping experiences generate massive data sets, and this high performance foundation turns that data into business insights for our users.

MongoDB is the leading open source NoSQL database, and its speed and dynamic schema provide an ideal storage mechanism for diverse ecommerce.

Elasticsearch is an open source search engine that matches MongoDB in flexibility. We use it to provide powerful and inventive ways to browse and search any catalog of products.

Redis is an open source, advanced data structure server we use as a bit of a Swiss Army knife. It powers Sidekiq, caching and our recommendations engine.

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