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Demac Media

Demac Media is a commerce agency trusted by North America’s best brands to deliver their shopping experience to millions of connected consumers. Demac’s award-winning team decodes retail trends and uncovers best practices in marketing and web and mobile development to help you sell more, and in more places.

As a founding member of the Workarea Solutions Partner Network, Demac is implementing Workarea to give mid market retailers access to the most in-demand solutions and commerce expertise.


Brand Value Accelerator (BVAccel) is one of the pioneer Shopify Plus Partners and the fastest growing Shopify agency in the world. We are innovative, data-driven experts from across the eCommerce sector and we maintain impactful partnerships with the best-in-class technology stack​.​ ​We create valuable shopping experiences that serve as the foundation of revenue acceleration. We create mobile-first shopping experiences that are anchored in the three pillars of eCommerce: acquisition, conversion and retention. We are informed by data and inspired by design. The results are unparalleled customer experiences that are highly converting and promote limitless growth. We've helped transform more than 100 brands -- ​Rebecca Minkoff, ​Red Bull, Proctor and Gamble (P&G), MVMT Watches, Boll & Branch, FRAME​, Milkbone (Big Heart Pet Brands), Gillette, Skagen (Fossil), Kylie Cosmetics, Good American (Frame Denim), Zendaya, Mizzen & Main, and more.


Founded in 1995, CQL helps its companies grow work smarter and envision new ideas. The founder-led company delivers ecommerce roadmaps, experience design, software platforms and custom applications. CQL’s work for world-class brands such as Merrell, Costa, Sperry, Keds and Petco has been proven to increase conversions. CQL also offers complimentary revenue-generating services far beyond implementation to ensure commerce solutions stay on course. For more than 22 years, the company has been known as one of the Midwest’s leading digital agencies focusing on strategy, design development and analytics.


Diff is an agency founded by a retailer and built for retailers. Since its launch in 2011, Diff has helped hundreds of customers in nearly every vertical compete more effectively online. Our group of highly trained engineers is regarded as one of the most technically sophisticated in the space. Complimented with experience design, conversion optimization and performance marketing practices, Diff is helping retailers alter the way they invest their ecommerce budgets.


We deliver solutions with high business impact that bring real value. Innovation, dynamism and flexibility are in our DNA. Founded back 2009 at qubik we offer innovation, dynamism and flexibility. We deliver solutions with high business impact that bring real return on investment. Our customers rely on our knowledge of their processes and our innovation capabilities. This mix guarantees that the implemented solution is the most appropriate for their business.


We’re constantly adapting and evolving. Change is how we grow and improve. By encouraging our team and clients to takes risks and step out of their comfort zones, we stay at the front of our rapidly advancing field. We are built to work smarter, faster, and more effectively. By working in nimble, autonomous teams, each group can develop its own efficiencies and produce a better outcome for our projects.

Something that might take hours of writing custom configuration code in other enterprise platforms, I can do in a few minutes with Workarea.

David Freiman, Technical Lead at Demac Media

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Technology Partners

Solutions that Drive Commerce

Our trusted partners include innovative and complementary technology solutions that will help drive your business on Workarea.


Listrak’s retail-specific solutions help you create personalized, seamless experiences across all customer touch points from a single, integrated digital marketing platform. Listrak is the only marketing automation platform designed distinctively for online and omnichannel retailers. Their platform boasts a comprehensive set of retail-specific solutions that enhance promotional campaign performance, shopping cart and browse abandonment solutions, post-purchase solutions and product recommendations to personalize every customer touchpoint across multiple channels and more.


Avalara helps businesses of all sizes achieve compliance with transactional taxes, including VAT, sales and use, excise, communications, and other tax types. A leading cloud-based software platform provider, they deliver a broad and growing array of compliance solutions related to sales tax and other transaction taxes, such a value-added tax. Their mission is to help businesses of all sizes achieve compliance by delivering comprehensive and automated solutions that are fast, accurate, and easy to use.

Annex Cloud

Annex Cloud offers a complete platform of Customer Loyalty programs, Referral Marketing, and User Generated Content solutions that not only stand alone as best-in-class solutions in their own respect, but work well together with one another as part of a unified platform to enhance the entire customer journey and help you get more from each customer. These solutions help you engage your customers throughout their journey in a strategic way to foster genuine brand loyalty and turn loyal customers into advocates who in-turn share more and higher quality user generated content. Annex Cloud’s solutions are backed by an expert team of Customer Success Managers, comprehensive analytics, and extensive third-party integrations.


CyberSource, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Visa Inc., is a payment management company. They offer solutions for cross-border, multi-currency transactions. CyberSource provides a full suite of services that simplify and automate payment operations. More than 475,000 businesses worldwide use CyberSource and Authorize.Net brand solutions to process online payments, streamline fraud management, and simplify payment security.


PowerReviews works with more than 1,000 global brands and retailers to increase conversion and improve products and the customer experience with ratings and reviews and Q&A software. PowerReviews unifies and amplifies the voice of the consumer throughout their journey, across all channels to help consumers make better purchase decisions and to help businesses drive conversion and improve products and services. Ratings and reviews solutions from PowerReviews are essential for consumers as they search and shop online and in-store, driving traffic on more than 5,000 websites, creating actionable insights to improve products and services, increasing conversion, and growing online site-wide sales up to 17 percent.


Kount is a leading innovator of solutions for fraud and risk management. Their “decision engine” platform is ideal for managing fraud in online/telephone channels that process payments and onboard new customers. Kount is committed to offering an end-to-end, single-source solution focused on speed, simplicity and ease of use...with a no-compromise approach to providing real-time accuracy in results. See how Kount can help you boost sales, beat fraud and expand into more markets without fear.

FedEx CrossBorder

FedEx CrossBorder and its international technology solutions provide the tools needed to help ease the challenges of international ecommerce such as duty calculations, package tracking, calculating other international shipping costs, and currency conversion. Our technology solutions help enable businesses to expand global sales by providing access to new consumers in over 200 countries and territories. FedEx CrossBorder is a subsidiary of FedEx Trade Networks, Inc. and is comprised of innovative ecommerce cross-border enablement capabilities.


Clutch has revolutionized how marketing teams for premier brands develop and foster relationships with their customers. Their advanced Consumer Management platform delivers deep customer intelligence derived from real-time consumer behaviors and transactions across in-store, online, mobile, and social channels. This allows brands to understand customers at unprecedented levels to deliver relevant, timely engagement focused on consistency to earn trust, loyalty and even evangelism. Clutch maximizes the lifetime value of your most valuable customers by delivering simple, relevant and consistent experiences to motivate them.


PayPal (Nasdaq:PYPL) puts people at the center of everything they do. Founded in 1998, PayPal continues to be at the forefront of the digital payments revolution. PayPal is a service that enables you to pay, send money, and accept payments without revealing your financial details. They operate an open, secure and technology agnostic payments platform that businesses use to securely transact with their customers online, in stores and increasingly on mobile devices.


Monetate is the global leader in providing multi-channel personalization to the world’s best brands. Built for speed, the Monetate Platform’s easy-to-use interface allows marketers to create, test and deploy an unlimited number of personalized digital experiences with limited need for IT or consulting resources. With Monetate, marketing is transformed from a world of discrete campaigns to one of always-on, personalized experiences that maximize the lifetime value of each individual customer. Founded in 2008, Monetate is used by the world’s leading retail brands to grow revenue faster by being faster.


ChannelAdvisor is a leading provider of cloud-based e-commerce solutions that enable retailers and manufacturers to increase the scale and profitability of their global sales through dozens of online channels including Amazon, Google, eBay, Facebook and more. Through automation, analytics and optimization, they leverage a single inventory feed to more efficiently list and advertise products online, connecting suppliers with shoppers to increase sales. Billions of dollars in sales are driven through ChannelAdvisor every year, and thousands of customers depend on ChannelAdvisor to substantially grow their businesses.


Optimizely is the leading global web optimization platform that provides A/B and multivariate testing for individuals with and without technical expertise. The platform is easy to use and empowers organizations to conceive and run experiments that help them make better data-driven decisions.

MACH Software

MACH Software is a robust Order Management solution, which has been helping companies for over 37 years. Features include Order Processing, Inventory, WMS, Accounting, Purchasing, Point of Sale, and more. With MACH Software, you can manage all operations in Real-Time across your Enterprise. MACH Software helps clients reach more customers through Market Place Integrations, such as Amazon/Amazon FBA, E-Bay, and Channel Advisor. MACH Software may be Cloud-Based or installed On-Premise. Whether customers come through your WebLinc Site, Call Center, Catalog, Retail Store, etc. MACH Software is the complete solution for your business.


The Sailthru Customer Retention Cloud℠ helps modern marketers at leading retail and media companies build deeper, longer-lasting relationships with their customers. Sailthru personalizes individual customer experiences across digital communication channels—in email, on a brand’s website and in their mobile applications. Sailthru-powered 1:1 relationships with consumers help drive higher revenue, improve customer lifetime value and reduce churn.

Connecting a website to the payment processing networks is exceptionally difficult and typically beyond the expertise and technical resources of most online merchants. Instead, merchants can easily connect to the Authorize.Net Payment Gateway, which provides the complex infrastructure and security necessary to ensure fast, reliable and secure transmission of transaction data. Authorize.Net manages the routing of transactions just like a traditional credit card swipe machine you find in the physical retail world, however, Authorize.Net uses the Internet instead of a phone line. The Authorize.Net Payment Gateway is available 24/7 for processing transactions.

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