Workarea Enterprise Ecommerce Platform

Enterprise Commerce

Enterprise Commerce

Workarea was born in the modern commerce era where mobile reigns supreme and legacy system silos need not exist. Finally a single unified platform where catalogs, products, inventory, discounts, orders and customers reside under one roof.

Cart & Checkout

Built around industry best practices and years of experience. 

Product & 
Catalog Management

Manage the most important aspect of your business - your products - with ease. 

Multi-Site, Internationalization 

Run multiple storefronts through a single tool.

Intelligent Merchandising

Seamlessly execute merchandising strategies and designs from concept to completion.

Discounts Engine

Build out simple and complex discount logic using an intuitive interface.

Inventory and Order Management

Accurate inventory and streamlined order processes so you can deliver quickly.

Accounts & Customer Service

Arm customer service reps with the tools they need to develop lasting relationships.


Deliver a rich experience whenever and wherever across any channel or device.

B2B / B2C

Sell to the consumers or sell to other businesses. Workarea supports a wide range of selling models.

Discount Engine

Increase your customer’s average order value and conversion rate with the most flexible pricing and discounting engine on the market. Promotions and discounts often involve the most complex logic in commerce, and Workarea’s Discount Engine is designed to take the headache out of building promotions.

Just to get you started, Workarea comes with:
  • Segment-Based Discounts 
  • Order Total Discounts 
  • Item Level Discounts 
  • Shipping Discounts 
  • Buy Some Get Some 
  • Free Gift 
  • Quantity Fixed 
  • Price Discounts 

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See the full scale of Commerce Features that Workarea has to offer. 

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