Kylie Hill

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Kylie serves as WebLinc’s Chief Operating Officer. Ensuring our departments mature and exceed the industry’s requirements, she establishes the appropriate framework for how we function and scale. Kylie utilizes 15+ years of lessons learned to thrust us forward so our delivery methods match the rapid improvements to our proprietary platform.

She was here when just 10 people worked at WebLinc, and has since been involved in nearly every facet of our business. Her career began in accounting, later entered into project management, and participated in the majority of customer site launches and post launch services.

Influential in every iteration of WebLinc systems, Kylie’s propels us forward in several ways. Currently, Kylie oversees the holistic development and maintenance of our operations and delivery services. Kylie is responsible for our People Operations, Accounting and Legal teams. Additionally, she serves as liaison between the Product, Sales and Implementation teams while supporting allocation and capacity aiding system integrators. Kylie makes sure we’re increasing profitability on platform implementation, and creates efficiencies in our forecasts to continue our positive revenue momentum.

A forward-thinker, Kylie looks to evolve the WebLinc business in the best interest of its customers and the brand. In 2014, the company embraced some of the newest and fastest technologies including Ruby on Rails and Mongo DB. This giant tech leap forward forced us to reconceive how we packaged and marketed the product, on top of realigning and exploring different disciplines in how we're implementing it.

Her previous experience includes positions with Bell Atlantic Advanced Data Services in Philadelphia focused on tax and finance. Prior to, Kylie assisted with sales for subscription renewals and new business at Primavera Systems in London, UK. She is also a partner in three real estate holding companies and two restaurants.

Kylie graduated from Drexel University with a double major in Management Information Systems and Accounting.


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