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With universal site search powered by Workarea, your entire team will reap the benefits of true end-to-end ecommerce site search.

Product Search

Surface the most relevant products with advanced catalog search. 

Content Search

Enable search across products and content to create engaging shopping experiences. 

Self-Learning Search

Intelligent data-generated search that fine-tunes results and keeps content relevant over time. 

Filtering and Sorting

Let your customers refine their browsing options to quickly find and sort products.

Search-Based Categories

Create product categories defined by search queries. New products automatically get categorized. 

Search Merchandising

Increase conversion rates by handpicking product assortments and content.

Relevancy Tuning

Control search results based on specific fields, weighted product descriptions and popularity. 

Site Search Reports

Access built-in reports on search quality, popular searches and recent searches.

Search Beyond the Storefront

Administrators use search as a shortcut to quickly find product, customer orders and back-end operations.

Feature Spotlight:

Beyond Ecommerce Site Search

Universal Search by Workarea comes equipped with advanced features to empower digital teams to do so much more than improve search results.

  • Merchandisers can optimize search results without support from IT 

  • Administrators locate pages, assets and records with lightning fast speed

  • Customer service reps can easily and effectively assist new and returning shoppers

  • Identify in-demand or missing products with learning search native to the platform

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