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Workarea combines commerce, content, search, and insights into one unified platform so merchant teams can move faster and work smarter. Learn what makes Workarea the most modern commerce platform on the market. 


Commerce Management

Workarea has the enterprise tools you need to sell faster than ever, including a powerful merchandising and discount engine that gives you the speed you need to compete.

• Multisite Storefronts
• Product and Catalog Management
• Inventory and Pricing
• Promotions and Discounts
• Order Management
• Customer Service

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Content Management

Content is still king, and with Workarea, we put a crown on it. Create rich and compelling experiences for your customers with ease. Drag, drop, preview, and more.

• Content Management
• Search and Navigation
• Digital Asset Management
• Page and Layout Management
• SEO Management
• Blog Creation and Posting

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Search Management

Search is the backbone of Workarea because we know how well it converts. Whether in the admin or the storefront, every nook and cranny can be searched and managed.

• Product and Content Search
• Learning Search
• Search Merchandising
• Search Suggestions
• Search Reports
• Redirects
• Synonyms Management

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Insights & Analytics

Turn your data into decisions with Workarea’s insights engine. Quickly discover what’s working for your team and drop what isn't. Insights will take the guesswork out of your day-to-day operations.

• Integrated Dashboards
• Inline Data
• Insight Engine
• Site Search Reports
• Alerts and Notifications
• Performance Reports

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All in a Unified Admin 

Having the features you need is only half the battle. Our platform is built for both non-technical and technical users. Teams can collaborate, execute and perform with confidence.

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Site Planner
Site Planner and Releases allows your team to plan, preview and schedule site updates without a staging environment

Foster collaboration and communication among team members with Activity Feeds, Timeline, Commenting, and Notifications. 

In Workarea, Alerts provide an extra layer of quality assurance. Catch empty categories, missing images, and everything else before your customers do.

Workflows streamline the creation of products, categories, site navigation, discounts, assets and content.

On the Most Modern Technology

Workarea is built on the most modern web-application framework, Ruby on Rails. This affords a level of flexibility, paired with broad community support, that allows our users the elasticity they need to move fast.

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