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Workarea Commerce delivers actionable insights so you can make data-driven decisions with ease. Run reports, create custom dashboards and so much more though our commerce analytics tools. 

Analytics Dashboards

View data and reports to quickly identify and act on insights and trends.

Merchandising Reports

Leverage algorithmic recommendations for merchandising and promotions that move product.

Trending Products

Pinpoint and promote top trending products.

Sales Reports

Track sales across products, categories and site-wide right within the Workarea Admin.

Conversion Reports

Stay on top of one of the most important KPIs for your site.

Search Performance Reports

With search built in, users have access to a full array of search performance reports.

Make data-driven decisions

Inline Insights, Insight Engine and Integrated Dashboards allow all ecommerce team members to wear the analyst hat and make data-driven decisions in real time.

Dig up untapped revenue opportunities through real-time, commerce-tailored, inline analytics that generate insights into a retailer’s marketing and merchandising efforts. Workarea unleashes the promise of big data for lean teams without dedicated analysts.

Discover how to sell more through the most advanced commerce intelligence tool on the market. Delivering easy-to-read reports on deep customer behavior to Workarea users, such as buying patterns, leads to streamlined promotional planning, better personalized product suggestions, and turns each visitor interaction into a purchasing opportunity.

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