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Today’s commerce environment demands a new approach. Let's face it, most commerce systems are stuck on tech from the 90’s. Workarea leverages today’s best tools and frameworks so teams can stay ahead of their competition. Always evolving past current demands, Workarea is built for merchants that need to stay ahead. 

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Flexible SaaS that Scales

Flexible and Saas, you don't see these words together often. This wasn't an easy path. We shot for the moon, a system that you can both customize deeply and keep up to date. Software delivered as a service with previously unseen extensibility.

The Stack

Workarea is built with the best-in-class tech stack for digital commerce.

Ruby on Rails
Ruby on Rails is a popular framework for building web applications. Some of the biggest sites, like Twitter, Github, and Airbnb leverage Rails. Optimized for developer happiness, it’s fast - for both customers and developers.

MongoDB accelerates innovation with a data storage model that easily accommodates changes in your commerce experiences. Workarea developers can quickly handle any curveballs in a retailer’s data without sacrificing any efficiency.

Elasticsearch is the backbone of Workarea, powering so much more than the textual search experience for shoppers. This high-performance search engine drives merchandising, categories, and content, as well as the most delightful admin experience you will ever use.

Redis is a lightning fast in-memory data store. Workarea uses Redis to store its cache, asynchronous jobs, and recommendations data. This enables Workarea to deliver some of the fastest sites on the Internet.

Amazon Web Services, Inc.
Within AWS, we’ve built a solid, dependable, and scalable environment that allows teams to move fast and sell things. Our environments are efficient, secure, and resilient.

We've got you covered.

With Workarea, you can expect scalability, performance, security and compliance as part of any standard package.

Monitoring & Support

Our teams are on-call 24/7 to address anything that may come up before your customers even notice. Developers have access to all the tools that we use to make sure things are running smoothly.

Resilient, Horizontal Scaling

Workarea sites are hosted in at least three different availability zones and automatically scale up to handle an avalanche of traffic.

High Availability

Your uptime is guaranteed. Issues are rare, but when they happen, we’re extremely motivated to get things back on track.

On-demand Infrastructure

Each client is hosted individually. There’s no shared infrastructure. The platform’s auto-scaling ensures that there’s always more than enough capacity to keep things running smoothly.

CDN with Dynamic Caching

CDN, check. Workarea serves the heaviest content from locations closest to your customers. There’s no sense in creating an amazing experience that customers get bored waiting for.

Tier 1 PCI Compliance & Security

Our strict security standards ensure the safe acceptance, processing, and transmission of sensitive information.

Move faster with Workarea

You’ll always have access to the newest releases so you can leverage the latest enhancements. We provide seamless tooling to provide the upgrade experience you’ve always hoped for.


The Workarea APIs allow you build applications and services that can make use of your data and our functionality. Of course, you’ll have programmatic access to all data stored within Workarea, but all storefront functionality is available through our robust API. Our customers are deploying headless commerce applications and creating new experiences with the most complete API on the market.


Workarea teams are doing interesting things and are excited to talk about why and how they’re doing it. We have a number of venues for our retailer and developer communities to share war stories, get advice, teach, and learn from each other.

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