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About Ren’s Pets

Ren’s Pets is a leader in pet feed and supplies with a 40 year history and twenty-six brick and mortar locations. Ren's Pets strives to make the lives of pet-owners and groomers easier by providing the largest selection of quality pet products in Canada, with over 100 brands and over 10,000+ products.

The Problem

After deciding to replatform off of Magento 1.0, Ren’s selected a lesser known commerce platform that allowed them to launch quickly, but ultimately lacked the functionality to support a thriving ecommerce business. From easily launching promotional content to offering subscription ecommerce services, the digital marketing team was heavily reliant on outside IT support on this secondary solution. 

The Solution

Ren’s Pets required a user-friendly platform that enabled all of its business users to quickly scale and deploy a multitude of commerce solutions. After an extensive RFP process, Ren’s ultimately selected Workarea because of its comprehensive content management system, its subscription ecommerce offerings and its native universal search. 

Comprehensive Content Management

Ren’s Pets marketing program features educational and engaging content intended to evoke a sense of trust and authority across its two primary audiences – professional groomers and pet-owners. By leveraging the Workarea blog, a core ecommerce feature, Ren’s is able to host and segment customer stories and informative content alongside product recommendations in a way that is both seamless to execute and authentic to the consumer.

Furthermore, Workarea’s flexible and native content management tools helped to reduce the distance between concept and execution by dramatically removing administrative complexity. Business users can now quickly generate well differentiated content pages, flyers, promotions, and other resources to engage consumers and ultimately, increase site conversions. With deep insights into user behavior provided natively within the Workarea Platform, the Ren’s Pet’s team can intelligently conceive, implement and iterate on the specific aspects of or the overall shopping experience.


Launching a subscription business requires lots of pre-planning and future considerations. When Ren’s Pets established their subscription program, they had to determine everything from frequency settings, to purchase discounts and how to alert customers of important subscription notifications; such as issues with payments or product inventory. Because subscriptions are a native feature the Workarea Commerce Platform, the Ren’s Pets team was able to allocate its time on developing the strategy versus determining how they would build out the solution.

Universal Search

Previously, Ren’s Pets struggled with a clunky navigation and limited search functionality. Using robust search, filtering, and relevancy tools coupled with insights, the Ren’s Pets team can easily find what they are looking for, faster than ever. Furthermore, the team is able to enhance relevant results with rich content, fine-tune how products are returned, while staying informed about how searches contribute to orders, discounts, and revenue. All of which benefits how the shopper interacts with and purchases from the website.

Buy Online Pick Up In Store

As a leading pet supplier in Canada, Ren’s understood the growing customer demand to offer a Buy Online Pick-Up In Store option, or BOPIS. The native BOPIS features gave Ren’s Pets the ability to track and expose inventory for any product in any store. The cost of shipping in Canada can be a drag on conversions, and Ren’s Pets’ brick and mortar presence combined with their flexible ecommerce platform gives their customers convenience and cost-savings. Because of the initial success of the program in one store, Ren’s rolled it out in phases across all of its retail locations.

A Matter of Loyalty

The pet space is a very highly engaged in emotional space to be in. Everyone that has a pet has hundreds of photos of them on their phone. Having the ability to feature user generated content was an important piece of the marketing strategy that was previously lacking.

Ren’s Pets teamed up with Workarea’s strategic partner, Annex Cloud, to offer a free rewards system for loyal pet lovers to join the Ren’s Pack. The Ren’s Pack offers perks and bonus points to increase customer engagement through member only deals. Deals include options like buy 12 get 1 free.

 Four Platforms Built As One

Workarea Commerce Platform combines commerce, content, search and insights into one unified platform enabling digital commerce businesses to move faster and work smarter.

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