Cheryl Amaya

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Director of Customer Success Cheryl Amaya is the quintessential customer advocate. At the top of her priorities is identifying online merchants’ needs and guiding them to find solutions.

She maintains a relationship with all Workarea platform customers, evaluating their ecommerce solution systems to help them maximize revenue and increase site traffic. Cheryl employs a holistic approach by benchmarking the digital commerce industry, researching the competitive landscape, analyzing user data and traffic flow, auditing SEO efforts, and evaluating how each customer is differentiating their brand in the bigger digital commerce picture.

Entrepreneurship runs in her blood as she co-founded an online marketing and business resource firm, which helped entrepreneurs to develop their unique business models and online presence. She also published an international sports magazine and taught junior high students.

Cheryl holds a BA in Kinesiology & Education and an MA in Sports Administration from University of Northern Colorado.


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