B2C Commerce

Inspire, Delight and Convert

With the Most Advanced
B2C Commerce Platform


Workarea is the platform of choice for growing brands that want to own personalized relationships with their customers

Omnichannel Retail

Break down the barriers between brick and mortar and digital with a single platform to drive retail experiences.


Gain unparalleled efficiency across different sites, catalogs, and experiences by running on a platform built for multi-site management.

Content & Commerce

When content and commerce live together in the same platform, expect to delight your customers across every stage of the shopping journey.


Deliver personal product subscription experiences to your customers with the Workarea Subscription feature set.

Global Commerce

Expand beyond borders with tools to engage shoppers anywhere in the world.

Advanced Merchandising

Power up your team with the most advanced tools for intelligent merchandising and curation.


Treat every customer with content rich, contextual shopping experiences.

Merchant Insights

With Workarea, every team member is empowered with inline insights that drive the best decisions every day.

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Your Entire Team Will Love Workarea 

Merchandisers Workarea
Workarea provides unmatched tools for merchandisers towork efficiently, plan ahead and make the smartest decisions, powered by data-driven insights and automation.

Creatives Workarea
Workarea’s Experience Management tools allow for the rapid deployment of rich shopping experiences that combine commerce and content. Workarea Site Planner allows for visual testing and automated publishing so campaigns can be planned weeks in advance.

Developers Workarea
Workarea runs on a modern, lightweight tech stack that isfamiliar, friendly and open to developers and DevOps teams. Rapid innovation and full stack transparency are possible with the Workarea Dev Kit.

The C Suite Workarea
Expect a superior ROI with Workarea through revenue growth and cost efficiencies by consolidating commerce tech and increasing team productivity. The platform delivers the robustness of legacy enterprise platforms without the“enterprise” inefficiencies or the price tag.

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