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Today, WebLinc has announced the Workarea Commerce Platform, with a fresh site at Workarea is the only digital commerce platform built on a modern tech stack uniting commerce, content and insights.

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When you love something, you name it. And today we’re naming our market-leading platform “Workarea”. We think you’ll love it too. Previously called the WebLinc Commerce Platform, Workarea represents one of our industry’s lesser known secrets: Drawing from 22+ years of on-the-ground experience, WebLinc has been quietly focused on evolving the most modern commerce platform. Our customers and partners know that it is a fantastic alternative to all of the legacy usual suspects. Now, as we’re getting great recognition from customers, partners and thought leaders in our space, it makes sense to capture what our offering is under a new name and brand.

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Something about Volkswagen’s 1990 marketing tagline, “Fahrvergnügen: It's what makes a car a Volkswagen", has always stuck with me. It could have been that I was eleven years old in 1990 and Fahrvergnügen was a funny sounding word, but I prefer to think that this appreciation was foreshadowing for my future passion for Product Management. Fahrvergnügen is the intangible pleasure one experiences from driving around in a car. I’ve thought of this word often whenever I use a product and I’m left with general feeling of satisfaction or fulfillment. Consumer goods like an iPhone or a great set of knives are good examples of producing this kind of experience for me.

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